Donors are sexy!

We are three students who are deeply concerned about the low organ donor rate in the US. A low organ donor rate means long waitlists for everybody who waits for an organ (currently more than 100.000 people across the country) and therefore a lot of suffering and death that could have been prevented easily.

To raise awareness for this subject and to motivate more poeple to become organ donors, we started a viral social media campaign. We are producing various youtube videos and are using social networks, blogs and other tools to spread the word.

We don't want to work with guilt or shame but we want to emphasize the positive aspect: How good it feels to be an organ donor and that organ donors are "better people." Hence, our videos usually show in a funny way that organ donors are sexy, smart, saavy and sweet.

We will keep you updated about every step in our campaign and we invite you to take part in it in every form that you want. You can tell your friends about it, produce your own video or just tell a story in your or our blog.

We are looking forward to hearing from you - and don't forget to sign up as a donor!

Alexander & Diego


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